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  1. JoeKWV

    Rear Differential Replacement

    Thank you omar302. So what little $$ I may save on labor by doing it myself would be utilized to transport to FMCO shop and pay them to program.
  2. JoeKWV

    Rear Differential Replacement

    Reply to Omar302, the Edge has never been in deep water, we bought it new. And for the other comment, personal experience if dropping 2 major power train components in 100k is definitely enough for me to swear off Ford. I buy vehicles and maintain them properly with the intent of them lasting more than 100k. 99.9% of the miles on the Edge are interstate miles, which makes it even more frustrating. But back to my original question, does anyone know if computer needs reflashed after replacing RDU?
  3. Anybody have any experience with a rear differential replacement? I have a 2013 with about 100k on it and dealer says rear diff is bad. It has a growl like a wheel bearing coming from rear of vehicle. Dealer wants around $2k to for parts and install. I was thinking of buying parts, roughly $900 and installing myself. It doesn't look that difficult but I have heard that the computer may need reprogrammed once the new diff is installed? I know this is the Edge forum but mine has been a total disappointment. 2 major drivetrain failures (PTU and rear differential) within 100k miles......this will be my first and last Ford vehicle.