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  1. So I got a message on the dash to check charging system. It's a 2014 Sport with 100,000 miles. The battery is a 3 year old Motorcraft that tests fine so I figure maybe it's the alternator. Not out of the question given age and mileage. But when I run a voltmeter test while running I get 13.7 volts. Would this be low enough to warrant the dash warning? I know ideally it should be 14 or higher. Anyone with any experience on this? I plan on taking to get looked at next week and will probably just end up replacing the alternator and belt for piece of mind.
  2. CincyFin

    I’m a new Edge Owner

    I am in Cincinnati Ohio. can’t wait for nice weather to wax her.
  3. CincyFin

    I’m a new Edge Owner

    Hello all! Just bought a 2014 Edge Sport AWD and looking forward to leaning on others for advice! I pick it up tomorrow and am pretty stoked. My first edge but the 5th within my immediate family.