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  1. Vehicle: 2011 Edge SEL w/Sync and dual auto temp control About a year ago things started going south. First the outside temp sensor stopped working. Read 70 degrees all the time. Messed with the hvac especially if it was actually 10 degrees outside. Shortly thereafter the hvac controls and the ambient lighting started turning on and off very rapidly and constantly. Annoying as hell and the battery will go dead overnight if I don't disconnect it. I'm aware the hvac module controls the ambient lighting. When everything goes on and off I can hear a relay clicking under the dash on the passenger side and another in the junction box under the hood. I like the car a lot but haven't really needed it so it's been parked for a long time. I'd like to use it again this summer and it'll be going into the shop soon to hopefully fix this issue but it's been driving me crazy for a year now. I have access to the wiring diagrams and such online. I'm thinking the hvac module took a dump. Any ideas ?? Thanks in advance.
  2. So I went by my buddy's shop today and threw the scanner on my car. Of course every module had a couple codes in it because I've been disconnecting the battery to keep it from going dead. We cleared them all and ran it for a bit and the hvac module recorded 131 diagnostic codes. I'll check power and ground to it and hunt down a new one if all checks out.
  3. I did that a long time ago when the heater and ambient lighting was still working but the outside temp didn't work and I don't remember the code but the description was "Invalid data from hvac module" or something to that effect. I did a lot of searching awhile back and it seemed like a fairly common problem. I guess I was just hoping for a quick fix. I'll get it to the shop soon and see what they think. I can't program the module anyway.