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  1. When I purchased my Edge it had OEM Parelli Scorpions. I saw on the vehicle history report, the original tires Parelli Scorpions tires were replaced at 20,000 miles with 4 new Parelli Scorpions. I purchased the car with 30,000 miles. I assume the original owner was trying to fix the handling issue also, but new tires did not correct the problem. I now have Kelly Edge 18 inch tires and rims and the problem is 95% better. The Ford tech said that my 21 inch rims tested out perfect, but I did not want to risk buying another set of 21inch tires and possible still have the same problem. I switched tires and rims with the tech.
  2. Thank you, I'll have that looked at. My tires are not brand new but also not very old. I have not noticed any abnormal tire ware so far. Thanks again.
  3. I know misery does not actually love company, but now I know that I'm neither crazy nor the unluckiest guy in the world. Finding out there are other Ford Edges that want to wobble all over the road, especially in turns. Ford had my Edge in their shop a couple times and could not figure it out. Ford thought maybe the steering gear was the problem. They put a new steering gear in. That did nothing toward fixing the problem. Next they wanted to change the steering force module in the steering column, but couldn't guarantee that would correct the problem either. Because it felt to me that it could be a tire or rim problem, I asked the Ford tech if he would take a set of rims and tires off another Ford Edge and see what that does. He had a used 2020 Edge with basic trim on the lot, but not an Edge Sport. HIs Edge had 18" rims and tires and was not equipped with the feature that required a steering force module. The different 18 inch rims and higher profile tires somehow corrected my problem. As odd as it seems, the used Edge that my 21 inch rims and tires went on, without the steering force module, incurred absolutely no problems. It actually handled better than ever. The Ford tech thought the steering force module caused my car to be more sensitive with the low profile tires. The 18 inch rims with the higher profile tires were newer and rode much better, so I reluctantly traded my 21 inch rims and tires for the 18 inch rims and tires. All this is to say, I don't know if the car actually has a problem, or if it does have a problem what it would take to correct it. My fear is that when these newer tires get halfway worn out, the problem may resurface. I suspect Ford will want to change the steering force module if the problem does comes back. Ford supposedly inquired up the line of their national techs concerning my problem to see if anyone else had this complaint. The national techs said no, never had this problem. I purchased my Edge Sport used, and because of the way it was loaded with accessories, I also purchased a warranty from Ford. So, fortunately I'm not stuck paying for this experimentation. I really like the car in all other areas, but this handling issue sucks. Sorry I could not be of more help. jdtcmoore@cox.net
  4. I appreciate your input. The tires are all adjusted to 35psi. I have not heard wheel bearing mentioned, I will have them checked. Thanks.
  5. I purchased the car mid November of 2020. It was purchased with no warranty, I'm quite sure they knew it had a problem--no proof. But I'm also quite sure they would not take it back. Otherwise that would be a good solution. Thanks for the thought. Chuck
  6. The Ford dealership said they had never had a car do that. It is like driving directly into a strong headwind at sixty mph---the car just darts about. Hopefully someone else has encountered this issue or knows someone who has. Ford said all the steering components checked out good. My Ford tech is conferring with the national techs but has not learned anything so far. Thanks for reply. Chuck
  7. Unfortunately, the Edge drove perfect during the test drive, but I never got out of the city on the test drive and never drove over sixty. In hind sight that wasn't very smart of me, but it is about an hour drive to the interstate and I wasn't that sure I was going to make the purchase. I was told by the sales person that the Ford dealership had checked it out from top to bottom and found no problems. In answer to your question, the boot looks normal with no extra weight. My Ford tech is trying to get some feedback from one of Ford's national techs, but nothing so far. Thanks for your input. Chuck
  8. I recently purchased a 2016 Ford Edge Sport--30k miles. I love everything about the car, but when I drive above 60mph on a straight highway and accelerate or make a sweeping turn, the car sways all over the road. Driving it feels like I'm driving in a video game at 200mph. The car just darts all over the road. It actually feels like I'm pulling a loaded trailer and the trailer is causing the sway, or maybe as if the car has four extremely low tires causing the sway. But the car doesn't have a trailer package or a trailer hitch or low tires. The tires are Pirelli Scorpions, all same size in good condition, even wear, same amount of air, are balanced, and the alignment has been checked and is perfect. I took it to my local Ford dealer. They checked for a bad sensor and computer codes, drove it, and reported back no sensor or code issue, but that they had never encountered such a problem. Ford mentioned some very expensive thing they could try, such as changing the steering rack and changing the steering gear, but could not guarantee either one would correct the problem. I'm hoping someone in this Edge Community may have some more helpful information. Thanks! Chuck