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  1. Shabbir Semari

    Ford Edge 2014 Door Ajar

    Amazing information, Thanks! BTW, I've used an electronic cleaner spray to fix my issue.. now being over 2 months, it is working like a charm. The thing what most of us do once we use this approach is; we do not target the sensor and spray loads of it on the hatch or the opening on the door lock.. You need to find the actual location of the sensor (YouTube) and then spray there. It should work for your passenger doors as well.
  2. Shabbir Semari

    Ford Edge 2014 Door Ajar

    Hi, thanks for the reply.. I think i solved this myself. I've seen a couple of videos on YouTube about spraying the Sensor switch with Electronic spray cleaner. I was spraying near the lock.. but i analyzed from one of the video that the sensor switch is far above the visible lock mechanism.. so you need to put the spraying pipe inside (upwards) for Edge 2014 almost 75% and then spray.. It has been around 1 week now and the sensor seems to be working just fine.. hope this helps. let me know if you need the pics for where the sensor for edge 2014 is located.
  3. Shabbir Semari

    Ford Edge 2014 Door Ajar

    Anyone with a Solution?
  4. Shabbir Semari

    Ford Edge 2014 Door Ajar

    I am having the usual Door Ajar issue for the driver side for my Ford Edge 2014. The dealer mentioned that replacing the lock mechanism will cost over 1000$ and the issue is likely to recur anyways. I checked a few Videos online and found 2 solutions. Either I need to break the Door Ajar sensor / cut and ground the sensor cable or spray Electric cable cleaner inside the lock mechanism to somehow clean the sensor area. I prefer the later. I want a DIY solution without paying hefty amount to the dealer.. and most importantly solve the risk of hazard on the highway; as door ajar situation doesn't allow me to lock all the doors centrally and instead keeps them open. I've sprayed the lock mechanism and jerked the lock lever manually and for that time, the door ajar issue goes away. This means that the issue is solvable but the solution is temporary only! I need to know where the sensor is placed in the mechanism to target the spray there and solve the issue permanently. I've searched the location of this sensor online but in vain.
  5. Shabbir Semari

    Water Leak - Ford Edge 2014 SE

    thank you. now I'm relieved
  6. Shabbir Semari

    Water Leak - Ford Edge 2014 SE

    Hi, I noticed water dripping on driver side on the bottom of the car once i tuned off my ignition.. is this normal. BTW, while driving, i cannot see anyways.. i just spotted the water dripping after i came out of my edge. What could be the problem?
  7. How to configure MyKey? on the cluster only 3 options were there.. nothing about MyKey.. although it has been already set to limit my edge speed at 130 KMH Also, i pressed the x2 button on the key a million times with the doors locked with the ignition on;but to my vain.. no reaction šŸ˜¢ You've mentioned some parts. any specific model or part number? that would ease in getting the pricing from other shops rather than the dealer.. (they usually price sky high) Appreciate your help
  8. Actually that was my next question. I checked the internet and there is not a clear information so as to what needs to be procured to have this option added to Ford Edge 2014 SE. I have the Key with 2x on it.. and i still need to check the instrument panel for the option. In this forum, it is explained with too much detail.. need it simplified that fits my model.. if you can help?
  9. Is Ford Edge 2014 SE equipped with Remote Ignition? The Keys have the 2X icon on it.