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  1. My 2012 edge has brakes that are going all the way to the floor and i cant stop also the idle is very low it almost dies at stop lights. I connected the ObD2 sensor in and it gave me 2 codes the P2195 and the P2197. It says its my O2 sensor but I read somewhere else that a person had the same problem with theirs and they replaced the o2 sensor and it didnt help so he said it could be a bad vacuum hose? Can anyone please tell me what the problem could be and should i try the hose or the O2 sensor?
  2. Jcrawford0712

    Ford Edge 2008 Stiff Brakes and Bad Idle. Error Codes: P2195, P2197

    So my vehichle is having the same problems now. What did it end up being the hose?