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  1. 17titanium

    Extended Warranty Feedback

    Oh man! That stinks, but yes, thankfully you have the warranty. Hopefully you don't have any issues with it. I'm going with the Ford ESP plan to cover myself as I know this is turning into a more common issue with these engines.
  2. 17titanium

    Extended Warranty Feedback

    Awesome! Thanks so much for the info.
  3. 17titanium

    Extended Warranty Feedback

    That's a great question. I went to the Lombard website and the prices there are definitely much lower than what they told me on the phone yesterday. I'm going to look into it.
  4. 17titanium

    Extended Warranty Feedback

    Yeah, I was able to get in contact with them today. There is a $108 inspection fee but they will offer coverage after that. Thanks again for the info.
  5. 17titanium

    Extended Warranty Feedback

    Thanks for the info. I'll look into it.
  6. 17titanium

    Extended Warranty Feedback

    Oh, ok. I just found the website and input my car's info and it said it wasn't eligible and that it was for new car purchases with less than 40K miles. I'll give them a call and see what I can find out. Thanks again.
  7. 17titanium

    Extended Warranty Feedback

    Ok, thanks for the info. I looked into the Ford ESP and it says its only for new vehicle purchases. I have contacted a dealership near me and they offer a warranty through Zurich. But the quote I got from Endurance seems better, 5 yr. 90k miles (Powertrain Plus/Secure Plus) vs the 3 yr. 45k miles (Gold) from Zurich which cost more. They are both power-train warranties but I'm just nervous about all the verbiage in these contracts that could have one co. not cover it. You basically need to hire a lawyer to review these dang contracts, it's crazy. So that's why I'm looking for someone with actual experience dealing with this issue.
  8. Hello, New Edge owner and first time poster. I have a 2017 Edge Tit. with 56K miles and am looking to add an extended warranty. I am curious if anyone has experience with an extended warranty covering the coolant leak/intrusion into the cylinders that requires a new long block? I am hoping to find someone who has had the repair done and had it covered by their warranty so I can make sure to purchase a similar one that I know will cover that repair should it happen. Thanks in advance!