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  1. Mraw

    Preventive Water Pump Change

    Thanks for the reply. I would not feel comfortable taking this on my self. When the pumps fails catastrophically are there any warnings signs besides an overheat? Would you notice the coolant temp slowly rise or would it be a sudden overheat?
  2. Mraw

    Preventive Water Pump Change

    Hi all, I am looking for opinions on weather I should get the water pump changed preventively. Car has 100k on it. I plan on keeping it a long time. What's the general consensus on this forum? Update: forgot to add vehicle is a 2012 mkx 3.7
  3. Hey all, my 2011 ford edge was totalled recently. I personally loved the Sony sound system. I just got a 2012 lincoln MKX with the THX sound system and must say I like it a lot except it has no where near the bass of the Sony system. I am not picky with my audio but when I play a song with bass I want it to hit hard. Any suggestions on where to start?
  4. Hey all, I have a 2011 ford edge with out the tow package, with out the package my limit is 2000. Pulling two skis on a double trailer plus passengers and cargo and I'm at about 2300 to 2700 depending who's comming with me. Trips are only about 30 min max one way. Is it possible for the tow package to be installed to get me up to the 3500? Engine is the 3.5 liter, FWD