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    2008 ford edge car wont start

    Tried it all . my mechanic told it was an electrical problem change the relay ignitions switch had my key reprogrammed. And nothing it was weird had my oil changed and after that had problems starting. so I jumped the relay it starts right up ford wants 150 to look at it 90 and hour after they try finding the problem can't afford to pay for guessing game at Ford I have a check engine light on is says bank 1 catalyst converter
  2. Madmandave

    2008 ford edge car wont start

    your. 2008 ford edge dont start and you tried every thing I put a new starter and starter relay's tried the alarm system change the key fob and ignitions switch its not my key or alarm try this will help Get to your starter relay under hood jump 30 and 87 with a jumper wire i ran a two wire from my starter relay to a toggle switch first thing turn your key to the on position click the toggle switch and it will start. Let me know if this help u its a temp fix but it works never had a problem after this lil hack