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  1. Jumping 1 to 3 makes left and right move up and down instead and jumping 1 to 4 make it go up/left and down/right when pushing left or right
  2. Ok I just jumped pins 2 and 3 and 2 and 4 out and got horizontal movent however it was backwards... I push left and it goes right and vice versa
  3. I did check it with a meter and none of the wires coming from the truck are ground. The one in slot 3 green with blue stripe is mirror right, the one in center solid green or grey (I'm color blind bad) is mirror down and mirror left, and the wire in slot 1 which is blue with green stripe is mirror up. This is for the driver's side. Ok I'm not real sure how this will work bc I only have wires coming from my truck in slots 1,2, and 3. See last pic above.
  4. Sorry for the delayed reply but thanks for the responses. Looking at the info enigma-2 sent I compared it to mine. The colors unfortunately don't match up with mine but I gave it another College try to no avail. Here are the pics of my wires. I also don't understand why even though I have 3 wires they don't follow the 3 wire pattern posted. Mine is 1 wire is up, 1 down and horizontal left, and one right. Doesn't look like there's a dedicated ground. I also tried taking a wire straight from the battery any putting it in each slot on the back of the connecter while it was still plugged up to make sure any ground if needed was made and nothing moved not even the up or down that would move with the switch so I'm very stumped now lol. The first 2 are top and bottom of the plug coming off new mirror and the last one is plug coming off my car.
  5. Alright I have an 07 edge and robbed some painted to match mirrors off a wrecked 08. Problem is my mirrors only had 3 wires in the 16 pin connector (obviously up,down, left, and right) the painted ones have 11 wires in the connector. Did some research and successfully swapped the 2 wires where the up and down movement wasn't backwards but I can't get either side to move left or right. Does anyone have a diagram or advice on how to fix this. I'm sure some of the other wires are probably for signals, defrost, puddle lights etc... I can eventually wire up later but really just want to get them moving left to right first. Thanks in advance.
  6. I say new because I've searched and haven't found any with this exact problem. I have an 07 Edge that cranks fine but I am getting no power to the coil wires with the switch on. I'm getting pulse from the PCM on the injectors and The coil wires but am I not correct in thinking the other coil wire that isn't pulsing should have 12v constant with the key on? If so what would be the suggestion on where to start on figuring out why they're not? I'm sure it's probably something simple like a relay but let's just say trouble shooting electrical isn't my strong point so any advice on where to start is appreciated. Thanks in advance.... Dale
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