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    IS AWD actually AWD?

    Thanks for this.
  2. lander12

    IS AWD actually AWD?

    Thanks for the reply. Mileage is 205000 kms. The PTU was serviced a month ago with fluid change and drain hole tapped and plug installed.
  3. lander12

    IS AWD actually AWD?

    Hello to the group. I have a 2010 Edge SEL with All Wheel drive. Last winter, there were times that I questioned whether all wheels were being powered- due to poor handling and performance in relatively small amounts of snow and ice. With summer time driving, of course- I do not notice this feeling any more. Question- is there a simple way to determine if power is going to the rear wheels? Can I lift the front and rear of the car off the ground and manually turn each wheel to determine if the other wheels are turning? What should I expect to find if everything is working? Thanks in advance for any thoughts.
  4. Hello to the group and good day. I own a 2010 Edge SEL with 205000 kilometers on it. I also own a 2010 Honda CR-V but I wanted a heavier SUV to tow a trailer. My Edge has a factory towing package and it was the detail that led me to choose this car over the others I had been looking at. When I got the Edge, it was starting to show signs of corrosion damage underneath- we use salt and a brine solution on our winter roads here. I had it undercoated last Fall and will have it done again this spring. Since then, I replaced a power steering line due to it's rusty appearance and expected failure if I did not. I have already had the PTU drilled and tapped for a drain plug at a local shop. They also replaced the PTU oil. I believe in sharing past experiences with the group thinking that someone else can benefit from it.