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  1. I just got back from the FORD dealership. I have all the pieces to make this work, but the BCM needs to be reprogrammed. The tech at this small dealership didn't have the tools or resources to program them. Anyone have links for tools to reprogram the BCM to allow for intelligent access to work? Googling gives me tons of different links and I'm not sure which way to proceed. Thanks in Advance
  2. Thanks for the link. Looks like there is a way, and doesn't look too crazy.
  3. I have the SE model. Is there a way to "program" it, since the tech said the module and wires are all there
  4. I just purchased a new to me, 2015 Ford Edge. I took it to the dealer because the locks don't work unless you physically push the unlock button on the keyfob. They said it was some module, ordered it and replaced it. They then call me and tell me its not working and that It wasn't programmed as part of my "package". He said it's wired and the module is there, but its not programmed. Am I getting some BS? I am struggling to understand why they said it was a module problem, and now it's just not programmed? Can this be programmed to work? I have about a week left on my return, so I'm trying to see what options there are.