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  1. Recently bought a 2016 SEL AWD that included Ford's trailer towing package. But I looked under there and do not see a trailer wiring plug. I do see a wire up in the bumper, but it seems fixed and I'm guessing it has something to do with either the collision or parking sensors. Did Ford include trailer wiring? I find it odd that they would include the hitch, but not the wiring harness. The pic is what I see from below
  2. Check the date code on the battery. I have heard a lot of stories about Service Techs swapping their old broken batteries from their vehicles into dealer vehicles or vehicles that come in for service/warranty work. Pretty messed up, but from what I hear, it happens a lot. If the battery is older than the vehicle, you should talk to the dealer about it.
  3. First - I did a search here and could not find anything. A lot f the videos I watched touted the idea of locking the fob in the vehicle if you didn't want to carry it with you (say when at the beach or whatever) and using the door pad to unlock the vehicle. Well, I tried to do this and the Edge won't lock with the fob inside the vehicle. I also wondered if you do lock the fob in the vehicle, does the touch-sensitive unlocks still work, or are they disabled? How is this accomplished, or is it even able to do this? Thanks.
  4. Hey All. I am looking at buying a 2016 Ford Edge, but I have a 2500lb boat/trailer. I live in Oklahoma - roads are mostly flat. The Edge I am looking at does not have a trailer package, but I do see that I can have a viable hitch installed. Would this be feasible without all of the fancy factory tow package, do you think? I feel like it would work just fine. But, would like to hear your input. I'm old school and hauled trailers with old trucks, no ABS, no traction control, no trailer assists, drum brakes... I don't feel I would have an issue controlling the trailer. I am mostly wondering about the chassis and the tongue weight if it would have a problem. Thanks.