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  1. I have a 2013 AWD Ford Edge 3.5 v6. Last week went to back out the drive way thought I was spinning passenger front wheel. Put my break on pulled forward, and tried again with no problem. Later that day went to back up in a parking lot reversing while turning my wheels to the left same thing as earlier wheel felt like in was spinning this time with a pop. Made it to my boyfriends he checked it out,by then it was horrible bumping every time I stopped and took off. He said it looked like the 3 bearings in the axle had gone bad. Today we replaced the axel drove it and it did great. Tonight went to the grocery store went to back up it made the the same sound and jerking but the wheel wasn’t slipping. What it actually feels like is when you back into something. Does anyone have any similar issues or know what this is??