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  1. There is a great video on Youtube which shows how to take engine AND transaxle out the top . It is by "33therfan" and is really great ... BUT I want to use this technique but only pull the engine. Has anyone done this ? Any tips ? Thanks much, Jeff
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    High Oil Pressure 90-100 psi ! Help...

    220K miles. Oil and coolant always good. The engine makes a noise which I can only describe as sounding like a collapsed hydraulic lifter ( even though this engine does not have hyd lifters) . I changed oil and filter immediately, but sound still there... Tried to isolate with stethoscope and seems louder on upper front bank in the middle of valve cover ( not where VCT solenoid is). I thought maybe LOW oil pressure so I installed a manual gauge in the oil pressure switch port and was very surprised by the high reading. Honestly i will not run the engine long enough to get up to Normal Op Temp as I am thinking it may do more damage. I am close to diving into the front cover but don't want to miss anything much simpler as that looks to be a very complex job. Thanks much for your reply.
  3. I have a 2010 Edge SEL and last week the front side valve train got very noisy . (Sounds like an older car with a collapsed lifter) Changed oil and filter. No luck. Removed Oil low pressure sensor and installed an oil gauge. I am reading 90-100 psi !!! Yikes. Is this an oil pump failure or something else ? Any suggestions welcomed. Thanks, Jeff