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    What key does it take?

    I don’t have the original keys at all… just some aftermarket key that has no buttons at all. Lincoln dealer said it looks like my car needs the five button key fob for remote start but I don’t think they made those in 2008….
  2. Bought this MKX used, a 2008. It came with a transponder key with no fob whatsoever. I just ordered two IKT keys that have four buttons. owners manual says it may use the 3 button or the 4 button. I also understand that some keys may have different programming where the original would have HA stamped on it. I have NO clue what kind of key is needed. I tried to program the key fob buttons and all the car would do is honk when I press the lock button. That’s it! At my wits end. I’m no rookie at this, I’ve done this a lot over the years but I’m stumped.