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  1. TwittleC

    Remote Start stopped working ?

    OK figured it out dealer said they wouldn't be able to touch it because it after market. I pulled apart. Under the steering wheel it is a logic tech one and I contacted them it went into valet mode(remote start not the car) because they unhooked the battery for so long. So we were able to get it back to proper mode and it works great! Thanks for all the help guys the fix was to hit the start/stop button 5 times very quickly
  2. TwittleC

    Remote Start stopped working ?

    Well that's good to know lol I will have to just have them look at it. I dont have much choice at this point. Just odd that it quit after the work they did. Kinda frustrating after working for about 5 years. Thanks for the input
  3. TwittleC

    Remote Start stopped working ?

    i bought the car new.it's factory remote start It won't let me upload the picture of the keyfob I'm just hitting lock 3 times I couldn't upload a picture of mine so this is the exact fob I have
  4. TwittleC

    Remote Start stopped working ?

    No I cannot which is driving me insane. I'm not technologically impaired lol but it is 100 percent not in the settings on the cluster only thing remotely close is automatic engine shutoff which I assume means it shuts off after 15 min after remote starting
  5. TwittleC

    Remote Start stopped working ?

    So far everything I tried absolutely nothing has worked. Next oil change I'll see if they will diagnose it
  6. TwittleC

    Remote Start stopped working ?

    Thankyou guys for the response I don't have any LEDS on my keyfob. And I tried the battery disconnect no go. I will be driving it quite a bit today so maybe if it's the battery it will charge it. I'll keep you informed!
  7. Just got some warranty work (catalytic converter) and the brake line recall on my 2016 edge. Go to pick it up and the remote start doesn't work ( of course it's nothing they did 🙄 anyway other than the setting in the dash which I can't find under settings. And the hood latch what could be the issue? I beep it 3 times and lights just flash but no start no beep nothing. And no CEL any ideas would help before paying them