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  1. Hello! I need to order new pistons rings and I found on tascaparts that correct part number for my car is K2GZ-6148-A (indicated as Standard) and K2GZ-6148-B (indicated as 0.50mm o/s) I tried to find out what the difference is and in some online stores they told me that the K2GZ-6148-A option was discontinued, others said that option A is standard, and option B is needed after cylinder repair. Not sure what to order. Please help me figure it out. Maybe someone knows or can check with the dealer. Thank you.
  2. Hello All, Where is the place for the towing hook (front and back)? I searched front and back but did not find a place where I can hook the car to pull out in case of getting stuck in the sand or loading onto a tow truck. I didn't have the hook included, but I bought a used car and the hook may have been lost by the previous owner. Before buying a new hook, I wanted to find a place to screw it in, but I did not find it. Could someone show the mounting points in the picture? Ford Edge 2019, SEL, ordered from USA Thank you.
  3. How many cars I had, the first time I see that there would be no hook. I wonder what the manufacturer was thinking when he decided to abandon the hooks? If your car gets stuck somewhere, you can leave it forever. )))
  4. https://www.lombardfordaccessories.com/ford/edge/product.cfm?productID=60838674 - this picture looks like Ford ESCAPE. This is pics of my car. Can someone from the owners of the same car, can indicate the place?
  5. Hello Friend, Thanks for the link, but I did not find in the diagram where to attach the hook on the car. I need to find a hidden place on the front and rear bumper to attach this hook.
  6. Hello friends! Recently bought Edge 2019. I wanted to connect a USB flash drive to listen to music, but the flash drive is detected and plays for about 10 seconds. After 10 seconds, the flash drive disappears and appears again after 20 seconds. The same with Android Auto. The second USB port (lower) does not see a flash drive or a phone at all. It doesn't even charge the phone. I checked both USB ports using a USB tester and load and I see that both ports give 5v 2a. But the first port periodically stops giving amperes. What can I do? Can you advise something? PS sorry for my English Thank you!
  7. Hello! Today I disassembled the CSS module myself. I found an oxidized microcircuit on the board. I replaced it and both USB ports started working normally. Thank you all for your support!
  8. Sync version is 3.3. I tried both FAT32 and exFAT and different flash drives but the same result. I did a reset from the display and by holding down the ON + Forward buttons. No result
  9. I read on the Internet that many people have a problem with USB ports on Ford. APIM (controller) - Is it a physical part or a software part?