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  1. Hey all, New to this forum, first post! Had some questions about android auto/carplay in my 2015 Edge SEL. I currently have SYNC 2 (7 inch with nav,) looking to upgrade to SYNC 3 for the sole purpose of getting android auto. I called my Ford dealer (maybe my first mistake) about upgrading my SYNC system and the serviceman shot down my question immediately by telling me "it'll cost you thousands of dollars to get installed since everything has to be refitted in the car." What's the accuracy of that statement? From what I've read online, all it looks like is I need is a new unit with SYNC 3 and a new USB port. But I can't find a straight answer, and I've seen dozens of links to different units and none seem to be the same. Branching off this, is it worth it to upgrade SYNC 2 to 3 in a 2015 Edge? I'm at 91K miles, no major issues and no car payment. I've contemplated getting a newer car (possibly a 2016-2018 Edge with SYNC 3 and <50k miles) but since my current Edge is loaded, I don't need anything else besides android auto. And if I were to get this upgraded, is this something I can do on a Saturday morning by myself or should I have Best Buy/3rd party install it? Any help would be appreciated in this, thanks!