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  1. Hello. I have a 2016 ford edge SEL AWD and the other day my car wouldn't move out of park when I stopped to get gas. I pushed the tab under the shifter to get it into drive to get me home so I could look at it, but once I got home my edge now has a light lit up that says "shift to park" even though I am in park. My shifter is now completely stuck in park, unless I hit the override bottom and I can move the shifter through gears, but its not really changing gears, it is just moving. The gear it says its in on my dash says neutral but it is in park. Also when I override and switch the gears no matter how I move it, it still says I'm in neutral so my edge isn't drivable at all at the moment! I have check my brake fuses and the brake light switch all of those work. I read it could possibly be the shifter cable, but I can't figure out where that location is from the engine bay. I have tore open my console to see if I can spot anything broken, but I am stumped and at a lost what to do. I don't have the funds to take it to the dealership as I just spent a fortune on this car for a prior fix a month ago, so I'm trying to figure this out on my own and would love any help or information anyone might have so I can try to get my car running again!! I just needed to be pointed in the right direction with a little bit of details. Thanks so much for whoever reaches out that can help! Moved: Forum Help & Site Suggestions Follow 5 STOP - This section is reserved for topics on how to use this site. DO NOT use this forum for Ford Edge discussion.