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    Using an insane amount of gasoline?

    Yep forgot about that, we'll do that today and see how much its actually getting. I'll keep this thread updated.
  2. iiTsFrost

    Using an insane amount of gasoline?

    I assume gauge accuracy because I find it really hard to believe the car is using that much gasoline. How would I go about checking the actual MPG instead of just looking at what the gauge is telling me?
  3. My mother drives a 2011 Edge, I drive a 98 Explorer. Anyways I've been driving her Edge for a few days and her car uses an insane amount of gas. The car says that it averages around 23 MPG but it'll say it has 120 miles left to empty. I would only drive about 5 actual miles and then it'll say it has 110 miles left. I drove to my work the other day (less than 2 miles from my home) It had I think 90 miles left to empty and by the time I get there it has about 83 miles to empty. Does anyone have any ideas as to what could be the cause of this?