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  1. Fixed the problem with the bliss. It was a bad connection. I connected and disconnected the bliss connector several times and now it works.
  2. I kind of thought so. Plus the wires seem to have a memory. They line up with the pins when you put the mirror in place. Now I need to find out why the bliss is not working. I've had the mirror off a few times becasue most of the clips are broke. which is why it fell out. Some times after putting it back it works sometimes it fails. It is only one connector. Not sure why this is happening.
  3. The passenger mirror glass popped out in the car wash. The mirror heater wires came loose. I found that the wires seem to be DC one + and one -. Do the wires need to be put back in a certain order? Since the heated core is basically a short I would think it doss not matter. Any help would be appreciated.