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  1. Ordered my Rotora Big Brake Kit 3 months ago , they finally came today ! They’re made to order so I knew I was gonna have a fairly long time before I got them . I’ll be posting pics as I do the install myself , I’m super stoked to get this project started ; might be a bit as I’ll need a few days of halfway decent non freezing weather doing this outside . Pics of the parts for now , 6 piston front forged calipers with drilled 380 mm rotors & 4 piston rear calipers with drilled 350 mm rotors . Rear brake kit includes 2 parking brake electronic e brake modules . The installed pics are from Rotoras sales team they sent of an older Edge Sport with them on it. The Black 21 ST is mine ….
  2. Kbeck59

    2021 Edge ST , new wheels and Tires #MEATY

    No particularly worried about that though , I’m more into improved performance this will bring .
  3. I’ve has em on for about two weeks now and absolutely LOVE the look and even more importantly the HUGE change in the way my ST handles and sticks to the corners and curves . It’s a night and day improvement over the stock OEM 20 inch wheels and junk Hankook tires My new shoes are : Ferrada Wheels FR2 , 20x10.5 , 5x108 +38 offset Continental DWS06 Plus Extreme Contact 295/45/20 NO rubbing & a PERFECT Fit .... #MEATY
  4. Kbeck59

    Struts and shock upgrade 2021 ST

    Blistien B6 shocks and Struts will work on the ST and older Sport models . My question is does the Fusion Sport last model ( 19 or 20 ??? ) years use the same mounting system for the rear shocks and front struts ? From looking at these parts and pics / videos online , they seem to be the same as best as I can tell . The Edge ST only weighs about 500 lbs more than a Fusion Sport Here's my reasoning for wanting the B8 over the B6 line , the B8 on Bilstiens website says it is meant for use with lowering springs and spirited driving ; the B6 line is upgraded OEM for better handling . I'm thinking about ordering a B8 set for a Fusion , IF I can find a seller that allows for returns , if they wont fit physically . Thoughts ???
  5. Kbeck59

    My New Edge ST

    Love my new 21 Edge ST My first mod was a Borla Catback exhaust system with Borla 4.5 “ tips , I had to taken off the ugly as sin fake bumper mounted ones .