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  1. PokerMunkee

    Looking at a 2011 AWD

    Thanx, going to start this weekend with fluids. Redline Shockproof or Redline 75w140 gear for PTU and RDU? I see people reference both types.
  2. PokerMunkee

    Looking at a 2011 AWD

    Thanks, that's exactly what I concluded after watching many videos. lol. Car looks brand new, 1 owner. Definitely was taken care of. The sunroof wouldn't close without helping it, so I think it needs to be cleaned/greased. That's my main concern. The dealer said he was able to get it cleaned up and it's working now, so I think I'm going to buy it. Nothing else out there for $11.5K with 103k that's less than 10 years old and has this much tech.
  3. PokerMunkee

    Looking at a 2011 AWD

    Tempted to buy a 2011 Edge AWD Limited with 103k for $11k. I was all excited until I read about the PTU problems! What's the best way to make sure AWD is working? Take it on a gravel road and floor it? I'll climb underneath it to see if any of the oil is puking out of the top vent hole on the PTU. If I buy it and AWD works, can I just use a pump to get the old stuff out or do I need to tap a drain plug in the bottom? Are ALL PTUs failing eventually? Thanx :)