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  1. rae_of_sunshine

    2018 Edge Sport is surging

    My 2018 Edge Sport recently had the transmission replaced in November 2022. After it was replaced, I noticed there was surging in the RPMs. I could also hear it since the previous owner installed a different exhaust. It mostly occurred between 30-45mph. My foot was not on the gas, and it was during winter, so I couldn’t say if the weather was a factor it at the time. After waiting 1,000 miles for the “learning period” with the new transmission, the surging was still present. I took it back to my Ford dealership (I also work there in the service department) and had it diagnosed. We replaced the purge valve in December 2022, hoping it would fix the surging. Unfortunately, the problem still existed. So I had to wait till March for the tech to tear down my new transmission. He replaced the torque converter, the flywheel, and the valve body. After putting it back together, he took it for a drive. And…the surging was a little worse. Plus, now it surges if you turn the steering wheel while idling. The tech looked at it again and submitted a case to the Ford tech hotline. They came back and said clean the valve body. And if that doesn’t work, tear apart the transmission to the point of failure. And he’s booked out for another month! So he can’t do anything until May. And my powertrain warranty expires in June. I do have an extended warranty, but I’m stressing out since Ford told me, “Even though you’ve been dealing with this issue for almost six months while under powertrain, once you’re powertrain runs out, we’re not going to cover it.” Has anyone had any similar issues? Or know what might be going on? I thought maybe the throttle body, but the tech is dead set that it’s the transmission.
  2. rae_of_sunshine

    Hello from New York

    Hello. I’ve had my Edge for a little over a year. I signed up for this forum right after I bought my Edge, I just stayed quiet and collected information. Mine is currently getting a new transmission. Once that’s done, I will be looking at colors to wrap my Edge and slowly changing the look of it.