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  1. Good Morning folks. I'm having an issue with my 2016 Edge Sport 2.0 Diesel. 99,000klm The past couple of times I have been cruising at motorway speed (120kph) for a long period (over 1hr) and go to overtake a slower car and accelerate the temperature gauge goes up into the red. Bit of a loss of power too Now this first happened before Christmas just after I bought the car and it went into limp mode. I pulled over on the motorway and restarted the car and it was back to normal. The mechanic replaced the thermostat housing as he was told by ford that that was a common problem. I hadn't driven it in those conditions again until last night. Same issue again. Temp gauge raises when over 120kph but when back to cruise again it comes back down to normal? The timing belt and water pump have been changed before I got the car and that was all checked when it was in the garage a couple of weeks ago. I'm baffled as I can drive around off the motorway with heavy acceleration and nothing happens, but light acceleration at the higher speed causes the problem. Any Idea's? Thanks Dave
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    I haven't looked to be honest. Just presumed nothing was there.I'll have a look in the morning.
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    That looks super, I was looking at that colour of 1 In the Uk. Import was too expensive on it unfortunately. That would've been my 1st choice! Looking at getting a tow bar fitted to mine too, not sure how well my bike rack will sit, tow bar mounted is a bit more stable.
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    Hi @niceoneptthanks for the welcome! There's a couple of photos of my Edge. Loving driving it. They are fairly rare here.
  5. @OMAR302 Thanks for that info. Sorry should have been clearer I did mean the hub replacement. I have my mechanic having a look now also. I was just looking for a quick fix for an actual part number of the hub assy. Thanks
  6. Hi Folks, Apologies if I haven't managed to dig out the info I am looking for from previous posts. I need to replace the rear bearings on my 2016 Edge Sport that I have recently purchased. Being in Ireland I will most likely have to source out of the country for the new ones. I am unable to source the part number of the bearings? Tried my vin number on the ford website but am hitting a dead end. Does anyone have an Idea of the correct part number? On a separate issue I have noticed that my heated windscreen and engine stop/start system do not seem to be working? I'm thinking a possible battery issue or something? Thanks in advance! Dave
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    Hi Folks, Just Purchased a 2016 Edge Sport. I'm in Ireland. Hope to get help with Sourcing servicing parts etc! Thanks Dave