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  1. Dave C

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    I haven't looked to be honest. Just presumed nothing was there.I'll have a look in the morning.
  2. Dave C

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    That looks super, I was looking at that colour of 1 In the Uk. Import was too expensive on it unfortunately. That would've been my 1st choice! Looking at getting a tow bar fitted to mine too, not sure how well my bike rack will sit, tow bar mounted is a bit more stable.
  3. Dave C

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    Hi @niceoneptthanks for the welcome! There's a couple of photos of my Edge. Loving driving it. They are fairly rare here.
  4. @OMAR302 Thanks for that info. Sorry should have been clearer I did mean the hub replacement. I have my mechanic having a look now also. I was just looking for a quick fix for an actual part number of the hub assy. Thanks
  5. Hi Folks, Apologies if I haven't managed to dig out the info I am looking for from previous posts. I need to replace the rear bearings on my 2016 Edge Sport that I have recently purchased. Being in Ireland I will most likely have to source out of the country for the new ones. I am unable to source the part number of the bearings? Tried my vin number on the ford website but am hitting a dead end. Does anyone have an Idea of the correct part number? On a separate issue I have noticed that my heated windscreen and engine stop/start system do not seem to be working? I'm thinking a possible battery issue or something? Thanks in advance! Dave
  6. Dave C

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    Hi Folks, Just Purchased a 2016 Edge Sport. I'm in Ireland. Hope to get help with Sourcing servicing parts etc! Thanks Dave