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  1. Hey guys, sorry for my insolence. picked up a Ford Edge for super cheap after water pump failure. Changed timing guides pump and cleaned everything up. Starts right up, Throttle body is clearly struggling, think I must have a vacuum leak beyond that and just trying to get some advice or insight before I get into tracking down the problem. Rough Idle And stalling. Throttle body is nearly sucked all the way closed and I have 4 throttle body codes being thrown. Thanks for any insight. Shane p2110 p2111
  2. Boss727

    2008 Edge, Timing Off on left side

    All bolts replaced timing cover and down, Took a few cranks to start, Engine sounds like it’s running well, However I have smoke once the engine warms up a bit? Only from left head, thinking it’s burning off the coolant residual from the left or back Valve cover? Those would be most affected after the right side shuts down to pull in air upon overheat. slightly milky oil, thinking it’s from the inch of caked coolant/oil mix in the bottom of the pan. Flipping oil a few more times and see how she goes. No air through vents.
  3. Boss727

    2008 Edge, Timing Off on left side

    All lined up, Will report back after It’s buttoned up as my oil was a milkshake and Im sure people are doing as I was and googling 1000 words in different arrangements. Thanks for the responses, Marks are lined up. For everyone on google. Timing out of sync ford edge
  4. Boss727

    2008 Edge, Timing Off on left side

    Alright, Thanks The T55 and was able to counter clock the small degree it needed. Pray for my valves. Thanks for the response.
  5. Boss727

    2008 Edge, Timing Off on left side

    Backed 90 degrees of top dead center, but that only accounts for cylinder 1. Would pulling spark make the cam easier to line up?
  6. Boss727

    2008 Edge, Timing Off on left side

    Am I safe to spin 300 degrees? If I try to torque it counter clock (chain off) Fear Im just going to take the bolt out. Thanks
  7. Boss727

    2008 Edge, Timing Off on left side

    Hey guys, after much reading from you guys I dove in to replace my water pump after failure and 105xxx miles. Pump is in and upon reinstalling timing chain I found my intake? Or left side timing pulley to be off by about 3-4 links. Can not get the pulley to move by hand, If I put chain on to move the pulleys I will be left with the right side out. What can I do ???