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    Rough Idle and trouble codes P0018 and P0021

    It has about 145K on it. That seems pretty early for a timing chain, but then again I have seen some weird stuff on this car. I am pretty mechanical, and worked as a mechanic for several years back in the 80s. But these cars are totally different animals compared to back then.
  2. My 2011 Edge Limited AWD started to idle rough the other day, and the check engine light came on throwing codes P0018 Bank 2 Sensor A and P0021 Bank 2. I normally attempt to do my own maintenance, at least when I can. What are the possible causes of this? Is there anything that I can do to troubleshoot without throwing parts at it? It also seems to have lost some power, but I didn't really try to run it hard after the symptoms started. In fact since then I haven't had it over about 35mph. And haven't driven it since the day it happened. I would rather not have to go to the dealer, but obviously will if I have to. I doubt that it makes a difference but about a month ago I replaced the oil pressure switch. Thanks :)