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  1. Same problem with my 2017 Edge Titanium. This is round 3 for me. in the 1990's I bought a Jeep Cherokee. As I passed the warranty period, the inline 6 began rattling - it sounded like a diesel. Ran fine, just sounded bad. Chrysler dealer looked at it, and without even asking Chrysler sent a short block and paid for the change over. Traded a 2008 GMC Acadia for my 2017 Edge, 120,000+ miles in check engine light came on. Timing chain had stretched and could no longer adjust the timing in under load. $3,600 repair because the engine had to be completely dropped out of the car to get to the timing chain. One request and GMC paid the bill. Here we are on round 3 and many of you are reporting that Ford is balking... Hope this isn't strike 3 for me. One of you mentioned contacting a lawyer who is in arbitration with Ford. Anyone have a list or can recommend such a lawyer to me?