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  1. I am glad the reinstall fixed that connection issue. If I had an older software version than 4.4 I could make a masked downgrade file for a version that could potentially work better. I might mess around some more to see if I can get Siri to talk through the speakers. I am not sure if it has to do with Siri as with apple earphones it mainly listens preforms the command and does not speak. Now that you mention it I didn't notice it not talking through the car, It would call but not send texts for me, probably part of the issue as it normally asks what you would like to send. I agree that ford intentionally removed this feature and then blamed it on apple. I am not sure why but the install files for 4.6 had some major changes in structure from what I can see. The older installations had 7 things to install while the new one only had 6. Along with different sized backend data files. Many things could be changed in the installation file for different results that I have not messed with and I'm not sure If I will because I'm unable to see the source code and would hate to brick my radio.
  2. I am sorry It didn't work for you. I had absolutely no Siri functionality since buying the car in 2020 and now I can tell it to call/skip music and open apps while connected to the car through Bluetooth. I do think its odd that it still didn't work for you because the install file I created uses the old 4.4 software masked as 4.6. If you do decide to try it again, I would reboot/reset the system before the reinstall. Mabey it retained something in its memory? I spent a day messing around trying to install the older version and did those before deciding to edit the software files and giving it a try.
  3. I know this thread is old but I feel that sharing this will help some people in the future. After trying to downgrade many times and failing I created a modified software version by comparing and combining the file that contains 4.4 with software 4.6. I assumed that the start files for the new software check some hash or input to keep you from downgrading, since they were the same name and size I just replaced them. It worked perfectly for me and now my Siri functionality works. The system still thinks the software is version 4.6 but is actually version 4.4 as I used the old data files from 4.4. Attached is an image of my displayed version number. Anyone who wants to try my modified software is welcome to, However I am not responsible for any issues that this may cause. Use at your own risk. The download link is here https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1UccA1CQxjGzDCKPkAodkix3TTZFFbGXw?usp=sharing