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  1. Hey everyone - recently purchased a 2010 SEL and it came with a noise in the rear of the vehicle. It sounds to me like a piece of hard rubber hitting something else that is hard as the axle spins [as power is given to rear?]. The accel of the vehicle and increase/accel of the rear noise are not 1:1 -- the noise increases and decreases speed on its own as the vehicle is driving. It is quite loud and can be heard inside the entire vehicle. Previous owner said their mechanic told them it was a ball bearing that needed replacing, and would be inexpensive; I do not know of any ball bearings [unless in rear diff?] and it does not sound like the typical wheel bearing grind. Link to audio file: https://www.youtube.com/shorts/3-omVVK2b1g Note - the car exhaust is pretty quiet, the audio sounds like loud exhaust/there is a motorcycle riding behind us Any past experience/ideas on this? Your help is much appreciated!