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    New to me.. 2013 police edge

    Hey. So, With the current price of all cars, I went on to an auction site and bid on a few vehicles on line. (Rona protocol) It was a state auction, And while everyone else was looking at the highway patrol Explorers,, I noticed This Ford Edge. Long story short, what I ended up buying was an undercover police car. Not an unmarked police car. undercover.. Antennas stuffed in the doors, microphones in the headliner, lights behind the grill, a second wiring harness, kevlar seat back, evidence locker in back, etc. Basically, they removed the radios and sold it. Replaced the alternator, removed all the police accessories, (I can't be trusted with things like that, and I didn't want it to short out in the middle of nowhere.) This thing seems pretty fast to me, so I'm wondering if there's any way to find out if its tuned. It also doesn't exist on Carfax or any parts, repair, or service Database on the planet. The ford owners site treats the vin like its some secret, and I know where it was bought and serviced. (friendly ford las vegas) Thanks!
  2. Rockhavok

    New to me.. 2013 police edge

    It's definitly tuned, and custom built for whatever it was doing. Still working it out.
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    New to me.. 2013 police edge

    Sorry about that. I will definitely get some loaded onto my computer.