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  1. Yes i still have the symptoms. I think my issue is with the canister in the rear. Just locating it and finding the correct part number might be the challenge.
  2. The canister in the rear. Can you get to it easily or does the tank need to come off? Any chance you might know the part number? Thanks in advance.
  3. So i got the part and installed it but I still have a check engine light on. Does anyone know of anything else that needs to be replaced? Thanks in advance. Or does the code need to be cleared first?
  4. Just looking for some help with the p1450 error code on my 2018 Edge sport. I purchased the wrong part and was just wondering if anyone knew the right part i need. Car struggles to start after I've refueled it. Eventually it starts but i want to get rid of the check engine light. Everything points to the fuel (vapour) evaporator. Just wondering if anyone has a picture of what part i need for my car. Thanks in advance.