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  1. Good day. I would like to provide an update on the issue that i had on my edge regarding the poor reception of the radio. As Haz mentioned my rear window was replaced with non arial glass. i had to come up with something to make some sort of antenna for the amplifier. Since i had the amplifier but no antenna. The amplifier was like having nothing. During the process of making the antenna i tried two kinds of aftermarkets which non of them gave me desired reception since i had to put the after market anttenas inside the upper portion of the liftgate inside the plastic cover. At the end i searched online to make a kind of antenna with less size and easily installed. I just a bought 50cm of a good quality of coux cable. I had to pierce about 6 inches of the rubber coating then take the silver flim and fold it back against the length of the cord. U will have to pierce the copper wire and use it as mast. I solderd this connection leads to the amplifier. Then i put this pierced coux cable to the frame of upper liftgate against the window. Now the strand of the wire is barely seen by the human eye in the rear glass and still able to get the a really good reception (tested) like any other car with sharkfin The edge 2019+ don't have sharkfin working as local fm/am antenna. To make up for that they included amplifier with rear glass bulit-in antenna. If you want to mesure the strength of your radio signal you have to press both of the ''next bottons'' and find radio signal in there to get live mesurement of the signal you're getting from the installed antenna.
  2. It's really nerve breaking when you see some simple device like an antenna is purposely being complicated in edges 2019+ as i took the panel off i realized that I'm missing the connector from the AM/FM modifer from to the so called in glass antenna. In the meantime i have to take time and make sure that make home made connection from the modifer to the glass antenna. Tell you what guys . All of these 2 piece of crap modifers are good for absolutely nothing. Long story short i believe an old school antenna can work way better than in- glass antenna and modifers I hope i can fix the issue of poor fm/am reception when I make this connection.
  3. There is only one screw that holds the sharkfin to the roof, as i checked it's fully tightened. Is there a small antenna embedded inside the sharkfin ( which i don't know about) ? It's driving me nuts some people might not care about having or not having the radio . The am station are absolutely all static. I get only 2 stations on FM that I'm literally 3 miles away from them .
  4. I'm having an issue with my Ford edge 2019. The FM struggles to pick up one of two stations in the middle of the city. Sometimes even these station become static and unlistenable. I have checked the antenna unit. The connection is good and there's no sign of damage to the antenna it is like brand new never touched. I have no any Am station. Any idea what this might be? A number of people have had the same issue and never had a chance to fix it or let other edge owners know about that? Thank you