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  1. Transmission replaced. That was not fun. Glad to be done and working.
  2. I just performed a line pressure test and also cleared the shift tables by jumping the battery. Line pressure was normal in park. It was 100psi low in for the WOT stall test. I tested several times. Now all the pressures are low. In my feeble research, I think we have a bad forward clutch. Time for transmission replacement...
  3. Hello, new guy here. Apologies in advance if doing this wrong or if I am posting in the wrong way. Working on my son's 2007 Edge SEL 3.5L FWD with 170k miles that we bought used at 135k. It was running fine, no issues for those 35k. No hard shifts, no slippage, not bad mpg. He stopped for gas one day and when it turned back on, the trans would not engage. He rolled it downhill into a parking lot and called me. When the ignition is immediately turned on, the transmission will engage into gear and drive a bit...like around the parking lot 100-200yds. If the Edge stops, then moves to reverse, or neutral, it does not engage. If we shut it down, then restart the engine, it will engage a bit. In my Googling, I then replaced the Throttle position sensor, the TSS and the OSS. The fluid was brown but not burnt. No debris, no grit in the old fluid. We put it back together, and tried it on the jack stands...no engagement whatsoever. In fact, the tires barely would move 1-2" when in gear. They would nudge a bit. We put it on a trailer and took it home to my garage with tools. I just replaced the solenoid body, testing the resistance of the old and the new solenoid bodies. 23.8 ohms on the Shift1 and 4.9 ohms on 1,2,3,4,6,7,8. These solenoid bodies do not have a #5-Shift2. The same reading on the new solenoid body. New fluid and then tried it again. The trans would not engage in any gear. I then added TransX for 75k miles. On the jack stands, it engaged reverse, then forward and then shifted into 2nd, 3rd. No weird gear noises or whining. I then put it in park and then tried again....no engagement! I shut the engine off and then it engaged and shifted. Then back into park and then no engagement. This happened several times....my thought was to work out an air pocket. That never worked. What's next? Should I run a line pressure test, should I clear the PCM, should I consider replacing the TR sensor? My Googling results doesn't really fit my problem. If I need to replace the trans, I can...I'm just trying to spend less if it fixes something easier. My deepest appreciation to any replies! Cheers