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    Winter tires, studded or no?

    Ok thanks!
  2. I am trying to find the best set of winter/snow tires for my 2011 Ford Edge SEL. Wondering if anyone can recommend a cheaper tire that performs well. I’d prefer to go without studs just to save money but do you guys think studs are a must? I live in Maine and plan on hauling my snowmobile with my car. I have the 3500lb tow package as well as a 10’ trailer. My tires now are 245/60-18’s. Should I get the same size winter tires or downsize 1 step to a tire that isnt so wide? Thanks for your help!
  3. I am wondering if anyone has used the Thule Evo feet on their Edge? The website says it will fit but the photos I have seen don’t look like the feet are shaped correctly for the factory side rails? Any other good options for a rack? I have the factory side rails and want to haul a light solo canoe. I ordered what I thought (and what the website said) was a Thule canoe rack directly from Ford but what I received was the Thule Portage. It is just a kit that comes with all of the straps and accessories to put a canoe on an already existing Thule rack. It is a nice kit with everything needed so I figure instead of returning it, just buy a Thule rack that will connect to my side rails and use the whole lot. But if there is a cheaper, simpler option I am all ears. Thanks!
  4. Hey guys, I just picked up a very clean 2008 Lincoln MKX that only needs a wheel bearing. I have a press and the tools to do it so that is no trouble and I plan on doing both since I'll need an alignment after and the other one will fail soon if I don't do it now. My problem is I cannot find a safe way to jack both sides up and position jack stands to get both front tires off the ground. I have seen MAC-T FORD EDGE's video on it but am wondering if I can jack up my MKX the same way by jacking on the pinch welds and putting my jack stands under the sub frame near where the front control arms are attached? Also, my driver side front pinch weld has been mangled by the previous owner (passenger side is good and solid), I am wondering if it is still safe to jack there? I'm not worried about the look of it since it is hidden by the rocker cover (and the damage is already done), I just want to make sure it won't collapse on me when I try to lift it lol. I can get pictures if needed. I have never had a car with so few obvious lift points... My dodge has a purpose built lift point dead center under the front that the jack saddle fits perfectly and I can lift the entire front in one go. Mybe I am spoiled. Any help is greatly appreciated, thank you!!!