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  1. All the light function as they should also thank you @Haz this will be a good read tonight
  2. Hello all and forgive me if this has been gone over. I searched and probably overlooked it. when I bought the vehicle I noticed the next day the heated and cooled seats up front wouldn’t work. Rear seat heat works fine but up front has nothing. Took it back to the dealer they said it was probably the “DCSM” and they were going to order the part and replace it. Fast forward and it’s been over a month and they said they still do not have the part. I’m starting to wonder if they are just trying to wait me out and see if I’ll say screw it and move on. my actual question is: https://www.getoemparts.com/oem-parts/ford-module-seat-heater-control-bu5z14c724a?c=az0x Is this the part that they are referring to that needs replaced? Or is there something else I’m looking for? They said it was under the pass seat and controlled both sides. thank you for any help.
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    What’s up everyone? Glad to join and learn. Traded in my 2013 f150 a couple weeks ago on this 2016 titanium and so far have been beyond happy with it. Was tired of the gas mileage and giant tank in the truck so was looking to downsize and came across this while I was actually looking at a fusion titanium. This was a bit more family friendly and comfortable so I made the deal. So far I’ve done a lot of little things and most of those include some vinyl work. Wrapped all the window trim and chrome stripes on the door handles, wrapped the chrome pieces on the grille (minus outer ring of the emblem), custom black and gray ford logos, flag decals on the back side windows, cancer sucks decal to support my dad, LED lows/highs/license/puddle lights, custom center cap overlays and painted the calipers. Hopefully I can lower it someday and get the windshield tinted. Going to do a rear wiper delete and tint the tails soon. Anyways here’s some pics and hope everyone is doing good.