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  1. 1 year 5 month i don't think it is battery maybe other thing as it would stop something else or be shown in other place also i tried to reset the system by disconnecting the battary cable for sometime but still same issue
  2. can someone help me identifying a problem in my ford edge? i own a Ford Edge 2017 with Manual Tailgate Open and Close (not automatic) Today i tried to open the tailgate by pressing the lock button on the tailgate it didn't open. i started to panic and didn't know what to do. i went home and tried it opened once then i closed and tried to open it didn't respond at all so i left the car and started to google and i saw that this tailgate hatch might be need replacement but it gets wired i tried to do one thing, i turn on engine put the car in S then in P then i went back to open the tailgate it open once and then doesn't open again. i went pack done the same put it in S or D and then P then went back it again opened once only so now i am so confused. is there an issue with the Tailgate Hatch Lock ? or is there some sore of electronic malfunction on car like a wire or fuse ? can anyone help???