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    Rough Idle after fillup

    Not sure the brand, was highly reviewed but it has no engine light or standing codes in the system when I scan. Thx for that workshop manual, I'm guessing I'll see it pretty easily once it's in the air. If it isn't that by chance, could I be looking at a vacuum leak? Car's had plugs and air filters replaced once it hit 60k just for maintenance. Could it be evap canister? Didn't think that would wear out so quick but they don't make em like they used to.
  2. SomeoneElse24

    Rough Idle after fillup

    I have a 2015 ford edge 2.0 fwd and at about 58 thousand miles on the clock it started having rough idling after filling up the tank to full. I don't overfill and tried multiple gas stations. A way around it was not to fill it up all the way but now it seems to have slowly gotten worse into a rough idle. The computer refuses to throw a code so I changed the front evap purge solenoid as a first shot but that did not remedy it. I'm looking to do the rear, thinking the vent solenoid by the canister is giving the computer the wrong info because it doesn't like a vacuum leak. I've had plenty of cars with vacuum leaks, this seems more electronic but could be wrong. Anyone have experience on getting to the rear? I can't seem to find a good diagram or video showing this, but I've heard from a few dealerships/shops that this is a somewhat common problem on these engines evap systems.