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  1. Well... Unfortunate end of the 2.0 engine. This past Friday they looked over the engine and decided to do an oil change to grab a sample which led to the discovery of metal in the oil. They believe without taking the intake and such apart that it is possibly either cylinder 3 or 4 tappet(s) (as the sound is detected most in this area) that have lost their tolerance levels and are now slapping against the cam causing material to be introduced in the oil. This would coincide with after the engine has heat soaked the sound is not as pronounced as the tolerances tighten. Mechanics there have started the request for a new longblock replacement, hope to hear something this week.
  2. New high fuel pressure pump installed...sound is unfortunately still present especially when it is cold-start. I took a sound probe and found it is specifically louder the closer I get to the fuel rail leading to the fuel injectors. Going to talk with the mechanics this week hopefully to have it looked at.
  3. Got the diagnostic done yesterday. The mechanic narrowed it down to the high pressure fuel pump as the sound is coming from it directly. Thankfully under warranty, might look into getting the spark plugs replaced at the same time since c4 is blocked by it anyways.
  4. Just got back from the Ford service and they are initially thinking it's the turbo bearing(s) failing. Getting full diag next Wednesday.
  5. At about the 52-53 second mark once the engine cycles down to normal rpm's the sound is more prominent that I am concerned about. At 1:48ish and 2:00ish is when I rev the engine to about 2-3k and you can hear the sound get louder and faster.
  6. I recently bought a 2020 Ford Edge SEL w/52k miles on it. When I was checking the SUV out I did not hear this sound initially until a few days later and is very prominent (louder in person too) as you can hear in the video. The sound does increase with higher RPM and seems to stop/skip some when deceleration. I am aware ecoboost 2.0 engines (and others) have their iconic sounds due to the HPFP and direct injection but I haven't been able to find/hear a video that is nearly like this. I have confirmed good oil at second hole on dipstick, no DTC's and misfires via FORScan.