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  1. Been extremely busy with stuff, thank you very much, hopefully I won't need to go that far either. If I do find an actual problem I will let you know. Again thanks for all the help
  2. I had the battery tested and it was good. CCA rated at 610 and checked at 610, reserve was also checked ok. I did clean off more grounds on the car. 2 on the engine, 1 went to a spot on the r/s where the a/c lines are and another one on the firewall. Cleaned engine side also. So far on my drive to get the battery tested all seems ok, again. I will see.
  3. I won't be able to get that done till tomorrow, are these machines that particular, just asking. Any idea about the broken wire that was a bare wire? I will let you know about the battery
  4. I have replaced both sensors in the transmission about 3 weeks ago. Had no problems for that time period. Then out of the blue I received the error again. I get the seat bag symbol and the wrench symbol first. This time I found a wire that was broken that goes from the center connector on the fire wall to the connector on the front valve cover. This wire was bare, and you can see where it had been patched in and could see where it had been taped to another pair of twisted wires that have shielded wrap on them. This wire was corroded and rusted. It was broken at the valve cover end. The code started with the dash going nuts again and finally the speedometer and tach quit working. Now yesterday after having fixed the broken wire, it happened again. Dash goes crazy and finally speedo and tach quit. All lights on the dash are on. Once the car sits for a while it will start and runs just fine for a little while. So I am stumped as to what other issues could be wrong. Any suggestions as where to start would be appreciated. And as far as transmission issues there has never been any problems with shifting at all. The only time I had a hard shift was last winter when it was about 10 deg. and that was just from 1st to 2nd. Once warmed up never again. I have included a picture of the wire for reference and it shows the location, pretty much