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  1. Hello All, I live in Abu Dhabi and I own a Forde Edge 2022 SEL. Today a taxi driver hit my car with his Toyota Corolla while I was stopping at a signal. My car was pushed ahead a few meters ahead after the taxi crashed into my car. After I realized that my car was hit, I was very disappointed and assumed that my tailgate might have a huge dent or probably be fully damaged. I got down and went back to see the damage. I was surprised and felt relieved after seeing the condition of the car. There are very minor scratches on the bumper but the whole front pat of the Corolla is damaged. Please see the pictures. I am very proud to own Forde Edge 2022 SEL and very happy about the build quality of the car. Thanks, Anil
  2. Anil

    Hello From UAE

    Hello All, I am Anil from Abu Dhabi, UAE. Owner of Forde Edge 2022 SEL. I have joined this Forum to share an accident that happened today. After this incident, I felt very proud of owning a Ford Edge. I will share the incident details and pics in the lounge. Thanks, Anil