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  1. crossboss

    Runs rough with A/C on

    Thanks for the tips...I will check all of the potential issues you mentioned this weekend.
  2. crossboss

    New 2008 Edge Limited owner

    Thanks to all for your help!
  3. crossboss

    New 2008 Edge Limited owner

    Thank you!
  4. Guys, Im sure this has been asked before, however here goes: My 2008 Limited runs great except when the A/C is on. It appears to be a vibration issue. Anyone else experienced this? Its more of an NVH issue like maybe loose A/C mounting brackets or just a bad compressor/clutch. Reason I am asking, is to lead me in the right direction to fix it. Thanks ahead.
  5. Guys/gals, Thinking of swapping out the OEM 20" wheels on my 2008 Limited for a set of better looking 17" 2005 Mustang GT wheels. Good idea? Fitment issues, wheel/tire sensor probs? Your thoughts.
  6. crossboss

    New 2008 Edge Limited owner

    Pics of my new Edge
  7. crossboss

    New 2008 Edge Limited owner

    New to this site, wanna say 'hello'