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  1. Thanks folks! Appreciate all the help. Going to go with the motorcraft Mercon lv, it’s only $25 for 5 quarts on rockauto.
  2. Hi All! Does anyone have the PDF with the walk through procedure for doing the transmission drain and refill for a 2015 Ford Edge Sport 2.7 FWD model? Looking to tackle this when I do the oil change next on my wifes car. Probably going to do it a the recommended 4 times to get it mostly drained and refilled with new. Just need the walk through process and how much fluid I need to order. Thanks!
  3. New to the forum and hoping to get some help before ordering parts. I have a new to me 2015 Ford Edge Sport w/21” wheels and FWD and I’m looking for the updated oem part numbers for the front struts. Called local dealer and they have me the part numbers as F2GZ-18124-E and F2GZ-18124-L which states fits the vehicle but doesn’t show that there for the 21” wheel option. F2GZ-18124-X and F2GZ-18124-Y seem to be the part numbers that state the 21” wheel option but also state AWD and not the FWD that I have. So question is are there a difference in struts for the 21” wheels? Will the ones that state AWD be the correct ones? Not looking to waste money on incorrect parts so any information would be extremely helpful.
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