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  1. Thank you sir, I like paper and this experience doesn’t change that
  2. Ok. For any following, I ordered from E-manuals. This is not a straightforward process (beyond them accepting the money). File is downloaded as a OVA file. This requires an app called virtual box. Virtual box will need a modification to windows including this VC_redist C++ executable file. Still didn’t work. There is tech support but they did not show up for scheduled virtual help session. I found a friend that writes code for a living and he was able to get the manual to open eventually. I found wiring diagrams. While informative, the wire colors used in manual were not what they used in factory. Same old story. I guessed right apparently and vehicle runs and is back together.
  3. Ok gentleman first post, any help appreciated ahead of time. Quick version: 2016 Land Rover Discovery Sport on the outside, 2012 Ford Edge Ecoboost 2L on the inside. Pesky Coolant leak, tracked down to over torqued thermostat bolt that flattened gasket (not me). Damaged throttle harness (was me). I'm trying to repair harness and like an idiot I didn't mark them ahead of time (that's how I roll). Six wires, two have same color! Assuming 2 motor/2 signal/ 2 earth/hot, but is there a wiring diagram or pin chart anywhere? Looking down on plug with red tab on top, left to right: Yellow/purple stripe wire both pin1 and pin 4.