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    2012 Ford Edge 2.0 Cooling Issues

    Thanks for the reply, I am checking the coolant temp w live data, along w my aftermarket radio. They both read the same. It is not setting any codes. Idling Fuel Trims LongTerm +23 SH Term +1 While Driving LongTerm +8 SH moves between -1 to +1 I also have access to Forscan.
  2. BigPappa574

    2012 Ford Edge 2.0 Cooling Issues

    Hey Guys, First post. I have a on going issue w my Edge. While driving, especially highway, the temp goes up to around 220. Temp gage stays in the middle. As soon as I let off the gas and coast. Temp drops right back to 208ish. It has a new thermostat, and water pump. Turbo was replaced a month or so ago. I have drain and refilled it with the vacuum filling tool twice to confirm no air is in the system. The only visible coolant leak is right under the drain. I believe the pitcock needs replaced. Its only one or two tiny drops on the ground. I do have another one on order from Ford. Any help or direction is appreciated...