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  1. My Edge is at 55460 miles. Just replaced the ABS module this weekend and did a break bleed. That didn’t seem to help as I still ended up with the same bad results. Taking it to get a brake bleed professionally as maybe I might still have air in the lines. Will keep you updated. Thanks
  2. I have been having a problem with my edge for a while, and i'm very unhappy with my vehicle. When stepping on the brakes, it will vibrate and grind and not stop unless i depress the brake and press again. I had new brakes and rotors installed, that didnt work. All mechanics I went to have no idea what could be wrong. Finally, i saw that one of my calipers was bad, replaced that, bled the bakes. Still the same results. Bought a scanner and found that I had an ABS code show. Bad speed sensor. Replaced that. Still having the same problem. Last week the ABS light and traction control lights came on and stayed on all week. Went to the dealer, and all of a sudden lights went out. Ford dealer didn't want to take my money because diagnostics showed no code. I am at my wits end with this car now. Hass anyone experienced this with their Edge? Any ideas as to what I should do?
  3. Have a 2010 ford edge thats been a pain in my side for awhile now. thanks for having me
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