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  1. I just bought a 2020 Edge Se that has remote start but the Fob doesn't have remote start and a lock smith told me today that he can't program a Fob to do the remote start because the remote start is at a different frequency ( 315 ) So I called a couple Ford dealerships to see how which Fob I need to be able to use the remote start. The first one told me the car doesn't come with remote start from the last 8 digits of the Vin. Even though I know it does as I can remote start it from the Ford Pass App. The 2nd one told me after being given the Vin the car doesn't have Fob remote start but has Ford Pass Remote start via app and I would have to buy a whole new remote start system to get it to remote start from Fob as the Ford uses two different Remote start systems one for Fobs and one for App but neither will do both. Is this true and what in the hell was Ford thinking if this true what a stupid idea.
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    Soft Pedal

    You would think 3 mechanics would check to see if that was the case. Anyway changed the brake booster now and still have the same problem the mechanic even made sure there was no holes in the brake lines. The car stops the pedal is just soft and goes almost all the way to the floor. Don't know what else to do at this point.
  3. I have a 2013 Ford Edge Se with 180,000 miles. about a year ago the brake pedal started getting soft after having the front pads replaced by a shop. I took back to them 3 times and they would bled the system and it would be good for awhile this get soft again after awhile. Until the last time and they they just saids that's just how ABS brakes are which I knew was BS and decided not to go back to them ever. So I took it to another shop they said the master cylinder was bad and leaking vacuum into the booster . So I replaced the master cylinder and bled the system. Brake pedal was still soft and goes to the floor. Took it to another shop thinking it needed to be pressure bled and a scan tool to bleed the abs they said that Master cylinder was bad. SO I had them change that one and had them bleed the system this time. Still soft pedal goes to the floor and they didn't charge me for the work they did and told me the ABS pump was bad. Took it to a 3rd mechanic he told me that master cylinder was bad and pouring brake fluid out the back because the last shop used too much pressure and blew the seal out the back of the cylinder which is probably why they didn't charge me. He has been working on the car for 3 weeks now has bled the system atleast 20 times, changed the rear brake pads as they were very low on the inside ( which no other shop informed me of ) changed the master cylinder twice and cleaned out the original ABS pump and even replaced it with one from a junk yard as a new one is $900 from Ford. The pedal is still soft and goes to the floor. Every shop keeps saying it's not the Brake booster as that would cause me to have a hard pedal not a soft one. The current mechanic says he's getting good pressure from every caliper when he bleeds the system except the passenger rear which doesn't have the same amount of pressure as the others. I'm at my wits end with this issue on this car up to now it's been a very good car and this is the only issue it's ever had but nobody seems to be able to fix this issue. This issue has cost me almost $1,000 at this point and still not fixed. Please help this is my wife's daily driver and I need it to be safe for her.