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  1. UPDATE - UPDATE . . . . . The converter worked for 3 days and then crapped out. I could not get rid of the hyper flashing. Removed it and went back to OEM wiring for the red brake and turn bulbs. Used one LED and one incandescent bulb per assembly to keep the LED’s from hyper flashing. Ran two hot wires from the front turn signals to the two amber 3457NA bulbs in the lenses in the 2011 assemblies. Ran 16/2 in split loom from the engine compartment under the drivers side of the car. For the front part of the run there was a spare hole in the fuel line supports that worked out just fine. Then above the rear axle on the left side was a rubber wire plug that allowed access to the rear hatch area and the taillight wiring. The result looks good with one incandescent bulb and one LED bulb in the red part of the lens and one amber 3457NA incandescent bulb in the clear turn/backup lens. The flashing amber overpowers the flashing red lights. My goal was met for more visibility at the rear when a turn is indicated. Hodgie
  2. So I got the 2011 taillight assemblies installed in my 2010 Edge. They were $26 CAD each from the auto wrecker. The other purchase was the 2 into 3 converter from Amazon for $21.87 CAD https://www.amazon.ca/Convert-Trailer-Connectors-Converter-Electrical/dp/B0BZJT39Z9 2010 Taillight. 2010 Ford Edge Rear Taillights.m4v 2011 Taillight 2011 Ford Edge Rear Taillight.3gp The 2010 had one 3157 bulb. The 2011 has two 3157 bulbs in the red portion and one 3457 bulb in the amber portion. So triple the lighting power to the rear. I will be buying both red and amber LED's to install in the 2011 lights. I placed the 2 to 3 wire converter on the left side behind the liftgate actuator cover, there is lots of room in there. The right side has a speaker that is in the way. You need to run a new wire from the right side turn signal wire to the converter. Then you need to run 2 new wires from the converter back to the right taillight assembly. One for the turn signal bulb and one for the brake light bulbs. Simple wiring but time consuming as I solder and heat shrink all connections. "Never time to do it right, always time to do it again." In the rear I now have amber turn indicators, red running lights, red brake lights and red 4 way flashers. Well worth the time to do it.
  3. I got it done. The 2011 taillight assemblies fit my 2010 perfectly. I now have red running and brake lights. The emergency 4-way are flashing red. Bonus is the 2011 have two 3157 bulbs, the 2010 only has one. I now have amber turn signals on the rear. I will post a bit of a how to with photos and videos when I get a chance. Hodgie
  4. Hey guys I finally figured it out. After pulling the 30 AMP fuse in the engine compartment and the 10 AMP fuse in the drivers side fuse box. I kept them out for a minute. I saw in one post that you needed to manually close and latch the liftgate. I did that and the system rebooted and now everything works. Wow what a process.
  5. 2010 Edge Limited, good news and bad news. First the good news, I successfully installed taillight assemblies from a 2011 onto my 2010. They work great, I now have amber turn signals on the rear. I will post a how to with photos and video on my other post about that subject. Now the bad news, with all the fooling around with that process I killed the battery. I have re-charged it since. Unfortunately that has messed up my tailgate. In searching it appears low voltage or a dead battery messes with the control system. Tail gate is now open and won't close using either of the buttons in the vehicle or the key fob. Lots of suggestions on the web including removing both fuses for at least 20 seconds, which I did to no avail. The other suggestions are to initialize the power lift gate by going to the message centre and using the setup button turn on the lift gate. I have scrolled and pushed buttons to no effect. Unfortunately the owners manual is no help and I have not found instructions on Google or Youtube. HELP !
  6. Thanks Haz. I was ready for two mains running from the front. I will install the 2 way to 3 way converter on the left side. It will only involve running one new wire from right to left and two new wires from left back to right. Hodgie
  7. I have a 2010 Edge Limited that I am installing 2011 Edge taillight assemblies in. Do the wires to the taillights run down one side of the vehicle to one taillight and then crossover to the other ? Or are there separate wiring harnesses running to each taillight ? Trying to find a common place where to hook up my 2 into 3 converter without having to run new wires from left to right. Thanks.
  8. Thanks Haz, that is a lot of information to digest. So, according to the owners manual during startup the sliding car icon is supposed to illuminate, it does not. Also according to the owners manual, if you switch off the AdvanceTrac the sliding car icon will illuminate steadily, it does not. And the icon is supposed to remain illuminated until you push the button again. Hence my question about the fuse or circuit breaker. Something is wrong because the LED does not illuminate at all. Ever. Hodgie
  9. 2010 Edge Limited AWD. When starting th AdvanceTrac button on the instrument panel is not lighting up. So I don't know if the system is working. Which fuse box is the fuse located ? What fuse number(s) is assigned for this system ? Thanks, Hodgie
  10. Thanks guys. Looks like I will have to use the third brake light to feed the red bulbs in the 2011. And run turn signal wires from the front. Hodgie
  11. I did a search on the forum ad nothing came up. Do 2011 tail lights fit on a 2010. I am looking to have amber turn signals. I know the electrical hook up is another thing. I just want to know if the physical fit is the same. Thanks
  12. Thanks Haz. I misread your post. I have kept the LED's and just added another socket in the engine bay with incandescent bulbs that act as resistors, everything food, no more hyper flashing.
  13. Thanks for the reply to my post. I have seen similar posts on hyper flash. But, where is the relay located so I can change it ?
  14. I have a 2010 Edge Limited. I have searched google and youtube with no results. Where is the turn signal relay located ? I can hear it ticking but can't find it. Replaced the incandescent bulbs with LED and need to replace the relay due to quick flashing. Why is it so hard to find out things about my Edge ? Sorry a short rant . . . . .
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