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  1. Thanks Haz. I misread your post. I have kept the LED's and just added another socket in the engine bay with incandescent bulbs that act as resistors, everything food, no more hyper flashing.
  2. Thanks for the reply to my post. I have seen similar posts on hyper flash. But, where is the relay located so I can change it ?
  3. I have a 2010 Edge Limited. I have searched google and youtube with no results. Where is the turn signal relay located ? I can hear it ticking but can't find it. Replaced the incandescent bulbs with LED and need to replace the relay due to quick flashing. Why is it so hard to find out things about my Edge ? Sorry a short rant . . . . .
  4. I can't find any bulbs listed for the instrument panel. Does anyone know if it has LED's soldered into the circuit board ? Thanks.
  5. Yes that is what I have. Silver faces, green backlit numbers and red hands. The green numbers and red hands are not bright enough to see in daylight. Is there a Fix ?
  6. I am talking about the backlighting of the gauges. I cannot see the numbers on the speedometer or tach. The warning indicators are just fine. I can see at night but in daylight you have to really focus to see anything. Are there brighter bulbs that I can install for this ?
  7. I have a 2010 Edge Limited. The instrument lights are to dim to see in daylight. Yes I have adjusted the brightness control on the left side, Yes I have read the owners manual. Yes I have searched this forum an others for a answer. Lots of talk about auto dimming which does not appear to be my problem. It appears Ford designed in this problem with the background colour of the panel and bulbs or LED's not bright enough. In daylight I can't even see the speedometer and what it is reading. Has anyone come up with a fix for this ?
  8. Hodgie

    Hi from the Alberta Foothills.

    thanks, I will keep a eye on those items.
  9. Hodgie

    Hi from the Alberta Foothills.

    Thick fingers. Yes 2010 with at 3.5.
  10. Hodgie

    Hi from the Alberta Foothills.

    Thanks for that information, allready put your note in my maintainence book. Book says my 2020 has a 3.5l engine. Does it have the internal chain driven water pump also ? Hodgie
  11. Well thanks, I had a quick look at the navigation link and there are 196 pages, that is sure better than the 6 pages I got withe the owners manual. I love this forum, lots of information that someone has already found.
  12. Yes mine does have the buttons all around and the two knobs at the top corners. I have no idea if it is voice activated. There is only a 6 page card about the navigation system, totaly inadequate. I could not get a photo small enough to load under 4.88 MB so here is a link to a youtube video with photos of my screen.
  13. Thanks for the response. The system info I got off the screen is as follows: Application QFHB-A6OT Map Version 2.0X So who would have the DVD ?
  14. So I went to the local Ford Stealership, both parts and service "looked after" me. Apparently this $2,200 navigation option that came with the car new, NEVER had the ability to update the maps. Another good idea from Ford ! A very disappointed Hodgie.
  15. Working through my new to me 2010 Edge Limited. In the middle of the instrument cluster is a amber display of the direction traveling and odometer reading. How to I shut off that display ? It is annoying and something that is not required to be on all the time. Please don't tell me to put a piece of black electrical tape over it, I already came up with that solution.