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  1. DrakeThoros

    2012 FWD SE

    Its the CV axles, new 2x front tires, I have grindy on full left to full right turn.
  2. DrakeThoros

    2012 FWD SE

    I had shaking 85-90MPH, I replaced outer tie rod ends. My inner tie rod end boots were fuct; I broke Amazon tool twice for inners. I couldnt get boots them on steering assy, no room with my hands.
  3. DrakeThoros

    2012 FWD SE

    I have front end kit including tie rod boots (that are bad) and slotted front and rear rotors. I have the worst possible flex pipe welds ever, that I didn't do, bought it that way. I could do better blind. I'm looking for additional height w/rims and tires, or structs/springs. She got power to pass and merge on E way.
  4. DrakeThoros

    Lift kit?

    I am curious as well